RECAP: Our Journey!

   Welcome back to my blog I haven't posted any layouts in a while. So I thought I would do a recap of my fall layout. That hasn’t been posted. As we all know as of September the fall season has started up again. Last fall I and my family had the opportunity to get out and enjoy fall before the cold front came in. I did a six or seven page album of my family out on a nature trail in Hampton,Virginia. It was amazing my tow year old and the chance to see all the birds, squirrels and a deer that ran away.  My nine year old did exercise with my husband. She rode her bike and he did some running to keep up. So over the next few days I'll post more of my fall layout. You'll also learn that I’m a fall gal. I love everything about fall. How the weather changes form warm to cold. The Trees have beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves and then one day no leaves. It’s the time where I can get up before the kids and enjoy a cup of HOT COFFEE and sit on the patio and look at what the good Lords has made.  So as you sit back and enjoy these layouts with me have a cup of coffee and enjoy the Goodness of the Lord and All That He Has Made!

1st Page--This layout was so cool to do. The paper was from  a package from Big Lots. The tree was a Cricut cart. I love how the butterflies and bugs around the page compliment the photos. This is the begging of Our Journey.

Happy Crafting!


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