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Hello My Creative Friend,

                    Wow things have been a little crazy for me. I say this in a good way.  I don't have a crafty project to share; but I hope you all don't mind me sharing part of my life with you today.  As most know already my husband is now a military veteran. We moved all the way across  the county form Washington State to Virginia State. Our military life all started with my hubby career in Connecticut and then Georgia (this is where I come in at = ). I was in Florida and he was in Georgia. From their we felled in love married in November. LOL And now were starting a new journey in our life. So with that said here's a picture of our new town home. Ya that guy opening the door is my amazing hubby and our home.  

And several days later out flying back out to Mississippi to join my girls again. See they have already started school with my parents. So I'm back to get my girls once they have a major break. And were all going up to Va together. Oh the joy I felt seeing my babies. A two week and a half trip seemed like months had passed. As the plan pulled into New Orleans, La I just had to get this picture of the city. Do you see the amazing Who Dat Super dome in that amazing gold color? Yes I'm a New Orleans Saints Fan and I'm born and raised in Louisiana.  Okay friends that's it. 

Here's a peek of a card for Mark's Finest Papers October stamp release starting tomorrow.

Happy Crafting An'Jenic 


Treva said…
So happy for you and your family. Be safe in your travels.
Nancy said…
So happy for you and your family! I could almost hear the enthusiasm in your post. Enjoy this wonderful time in your life and your new home!
Liz Mullen said…
congratulations! save travels and wishing you the best in your new chapter in life.(BL)
nwilliams6 said…
Wow - you have been busy! Your house looks wonderful! Glad things will be falling into place in your new home soon! Congrats - I love new houses - such a chance to organize and start fresh. Hugz
Miranda said…
I hope things are finally settling down for you! I'm glad you guys found a place to stay. Isn't NOLA a welcomed site!!!!! There's no place like home! LOL
Miranda :) BL
Gemiel said…
AJ, I can't believe you are in VA and didn't call me!!!!! Where in VA are you? I hope it's close enough that we can scrap together again.

Lizzie Laine said…
Congratulations on your new journey together! Great picture of New Orleans!

Elaine (BL)
Donna K said…
Thanking your husband and your entire family for his military service and for sharing your sweet story with us. I hope your life is happy and blessed as you settle down in VA. NC isn't all that far if you want to meet for coffee or that pumpkin beer one day!

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