Hello My Craft Friends,
  I hope all is well. Did you all enjoy your Christmas Holiday? I sure did. I went to Florida and did not want to come back home. I have so much to do. I have the military move coming tomorrow to pack my home out and take our things to Washington State. I have to clean the apartment to move out by the 30th. So much so much; but over all I am blessed. I want have much time to be online. I did get the big item on my wish list but; I did receive many cool crafts. The big item comes later I was told. Ha Ha! I hope that you all had a great Holiday

Have A Happy New Year!

Till next time “Happy Creating”!


Mz. Lela said…
Here's hoping you'll receive your big gift! Best of luck on your move.

... Wishing you & yours a safe, happy, blessed & a prosperous 2012!!!
lovemypaper said…
Goodr luck on your move!

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