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Happy Sunday,
Today I wanted to share with you all something very special. I not only received an Award; but I received the same award by to great woman in the same week. Karen and Velama WOW I feel really special!

Both of their blogs are here: Karens-Kakes-Krafts and Snowflake Dreams You can go and see all of their great creations and conversations. With this Award you have to give 7 facts about yourself. And then pass it on to 15 other people. Ladies thanks so very much for this wonderful award AJ!

 Versatile: having or capable of many uses 

So Here Goes:
1.      I’m a stay at home mom who has a wonderful family. Two beautiful girls and a very kind, sweet, loving and very supportive husband. When I say he supports my craft needs, living need, emotion and physical needs. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Here is a picture:

2.      I have my sweet little Brownie who is 6 in human age 42 in dog age. Ha that makes him older than me. He is a 4lb Yorkie. I love him like a son.

3.      I’m a twin with a boy.  Yup I came 1st so that would make me the oldest and he’s the baby. HA!

4.      My favorite place I’ve lived so far as a military wife is Kings Bay, GA. And one that I miss is Yorktown, VA.

5.       I’m scared of the dentist. Yup I am.

6.      I love Asia Cuisine. I love the different style in Asian Cuisine. I have a dear sweet frined name Juna and you can visit her blog here: Who cooks Malaysian food and boy do I miss it and her and her family.

7.      At the age of nine I cut my leg on a fence trying to save a bird. Now I have a sad face on my leg; but if I turn my leg up it’s happy. At that age I wanted to be a Veterinary and thought I could save the baby bird who failed out of the tree.  So I hopped the neighbor fence to save it; but on the way back over I cut my leg and didn’t notice until my brothers and sister told me. I had to get 32 stitches. But the most important thing I remember was my dad holding my hand telling me it’s going to be okay and that they all loved me. I was not put to sleep when I received my stitches.

Here Are the 15 ladies:


Saundra said…
Aww! You are so sweet! Thank you for visiting my blog and for the award! ~Hugs, Saundra
Amy said…
Thank you so much!!! You are very sweet, I sure do appreciate the award and for your visit and thinking of me! :)Amy
Crafter Dude said…
Hello, Just saw this.. so sorry is it to late to do this???
Candy said…
Thank you so much for this award! So sweet of you to think of me!
Take care,
AJ said…
thank you so much for this!! You are too sweet!!

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