Question of The Month!

Hello My Craft Friends,
Okay so I thought I would do a poll each month. I would love it if you would join me. I've had this ideal for a while now and the poll has been up for a few week and only a few  votes. I would love your input. I would even love to know what poll topic you would like to see.
What are other crafters thinking? Are we thinking the same or different. What new brands do you love or hate. This poll will have different topics all about crafting. 
I will have a new poll up on August first.

Do You Own A Slice Machine? How Often Do You Use It To Create Craft Projects?

A new poll on August 1st.
Happy Crafting AJ~


An'Jenic G. said…
Nana Thank you so much! This is new for me and I'm so excited. I did get your last two comments on my last post. I was learning how to add tabs. Thank you so much. Hugs AJ~
Amy E said…
I already voted. What a great idea this is!!!
An'Jenic G. said…
Hello my dear Amy! Where have you been. Miss ya in blog world.
Just voted :). I will call you tomorrow. We were gone all day. I'm heading to bed now. Night!
The poll is a great idea. No slice for me. :-) ~ Blessings, Tracey
Linda Wescott said…
I like polls lol. Voted. Hugs lin
I had a slice. Sold it for my Cricut as did a friend of mine. I like the Cricut so much better. The only thing I liked about the slice was the portability of it.

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