My New Craft Room

Hi Everyone,
Wow thanks so much to everyone for the great responds on my craft room. I have to say I was so happy to see a lot of your comments being left for me. I’m also happy with the end results. I love my craft room and I feel I can do anything. I decide instead of taking pictures I would do a video because it easier. (NOT) lol I’ve tried 3 times to upload my video to YouTube today. As I type right now at 3:12 it’s at 94 percent done. HA! I started at 10:00 am and its now 3:12pm. So now I can create this post & show my video.


Update: I disable all comments. I did a hidden follower giveway in this video. As of today (April 25) it is closed. Thanks if you are stoping by to see my video. Not all hope is lost stop by here on May 11th for Pink E 1st blog hop and leave a comment for a chance to win.
If you are one of the people who listen to my video thanks so much for your support. By commenting this has earn you an entrie to my give. Stop back her on May 11th and leave a comment for a second chacne to win.
Thanks AJ!



Melissa said…
I love watching craft room videos, I think they are my favorite to watch!!! You did great with your room love how you did your storage for your ribbon very creative!!! Boy oh boy do I wish I had a table that big, that would be great, I am still amazed at how much you paid for it. Thanks for sharing, I am already a follower!!

mzcherub at gmail dot com
Docerela said…
I love your craft room. Very organize. tfs

Your craft room is so fun! My favorite part is your curio cabinet ribbon holder! Great idea! I also like your jar of Sixlets (Yum!) Your table is so nice and big I have a long and skinny counter but dream of the day of having a large table to craft on! Already a follower! TFS!
Wow, I love your video! I really need to get mine organized now seeing yours! One of these days I'm gonna have a lot of room too! Thanks for sharing it with us! I'm a new follower to your blog and will be back often! Hope you come and follow me too!

Huggs & Blessings, friend!

Creations By Pink E
Hi AJ! I am playing catch up with my blog friends & finally made it to you. I love what you have done with your craft room. Love how big your table is and how organized you are. Enjoy your room. Can't see what you make in that lovely space. God bless you sweetie!
Amy E said…
WOW!!!! Awesome video! And I love the way your craft room turned out!!! So when are we going to break it in and get crafting together?!?!? Haha!

I absolutely love your table the best! It looks really nice with the table cloth on it too. Can you believe some of the bargains you can find at Goodwill sometimes?!?! Oh, and your Cricut cartridges...I was watching the video thinking, wow, she has a good amount of cartridges, then realized you had MORE behind the front row!! Wow! We need to cricut together too!!!
Kim said…
Hi AJ! Your video was great, crazy how long it took to upload though! I like your big table and what a great deal. I wish I had a bigger table. My table is not small by any means but it has so much on it that there isn't a lot of space to craft! grrrr....

What an exciting giveaway you are having! : )
Brenda said…
thank you sooo much for stopping by my blog...have a link for you where I find some good sentiments and quotes:
Diane Noble said…
Great craft room organization. So fun to get a peek into the rooms of crafting friends. Makes us feel like we get to come and craft with you. Very nice. Neat to have a special place for the little ones too.
I love how your organized your craftroom!! We need to meet up soon!!

I like how you used the toy bins to organize your things in :)
Gemiel said…
AJ, I love your new craft room!!!! My fav thing was seeing how you used all those containers and the shelf you collected here in VA. I know you're really enjoying this new space and that table was an AWESOME find!!

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