Happy Easter

Happy Easter My Crafty Friends,

I pray that your Easter will be fill with the thought and joy of know that Christ Has Risen. I myself am so thankful that the Lord thought of me and you. I pray your enjoying a lovely dinner with your loved ones. I wanted to stop in and share a Easter card with you all on this amazing Sunday. I will be enjoying a dinner with some friends. I also want to thank all of our service members who could not spend this time with their love ones. I know what its like to spend Easter or any holiday without your loves ones. This year Easter is different for my girls and I. Because my hubby is away. Were so thankful for what he doses for our Country and us. Thank you honey we miss you dearly and await your arrival. 

Okay now that I'm all  mushy  now here's my card:

Happy Easter To You All!!!


Donna K said…
I hope your Easter was blessed, AJ. This card is beautiful. The font on your sentiment really strikes my fancy!
JustYolie said…
Happy belated Easter!! Blessings my friend!

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