Layout: Pre-K

Good Morning Everyone! 
 I'm here today to share this layout of my daughter when she first started Pre-School. I just loved the excitement on her face. She was going to Seedling Preschool in Washington state. It was both an excitement and it was hard. Because I was sending my baby off to her very first day of school. Now my babe is in 2nd grade and that time has went by so fast.  

I can't remember the kit I was because this post have been waiting for me to write it up and post it since 2015. And as you all have learn things have been crazy the last two years for me and so. I deiced to go through all of my draft post and see what I've missed and need to get posted. 

This layout features my sweet princess Liana. As I say this was her first day of Pre-School. I love this photo because it she was so excited. She picked out her Dora lunch box and she got back pack. And this was my very very favorite sweater.  I can't remember which kit this is from. As I said this layout was from 2015.

Happy Crafting,


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