The Crafty Moms 9/1/13

Hello & Happy September Everyone!!
Welcome to another  The Crafty Moms Post.

As you all know this week is Angela's week but she had some hiccups along the way.  I decide I would help her out this week and share whats going on around my house this week. As you all know from last week post my kids go back to school next week. 

So with them both starting school this year we knew we would have to go school shopping. Terrion has a big supply list and Liana well we are only supplying snack for the class when its our turn. We needed to get both the girls a few clothing items and a per of shoes. So this is my inspiration for you all. A  post card featuring shoes. Yesterday we spent most of our day in Tacoma, WA shopping for shoes for our girls. Liana found some really cute Pink and Black Northside shoes. Do you all remember Converse: ALL STAR (Chuck Taylor) shoes. The ones kids thought were ugly well they are back in style.  And that's exactly what Terrion wanted. I remember you could get these for a good few bucks. Well they come in many styles, colors and fashions. They have double tongue in the inside all colors, they even have animal print and buckles. I mean I never know such a thing till my daughter said she wanted some. And do you believe the colors she picked out: YELLOW, BLUE, PINK. Then PURPLE, PINK, WHITE (NEON) colors. When I grow up I was told pick a good old pair of black or white shoes because you will need something to go with everything.  Not kids these days. They seem to think you need a pair of shoes for every outfit. Well you know what I told her she get them she better make them work. LOL So thank goodness she just went with black. tee hee!! Lesson has to be learned and I think she leaned this one. =) 

Here's my post card:

For my post card I used Mark's Finest Papers: "You've Got Style" stamp set. I went with a clean and simple look for my post card. I thought I would do something different for you all. 

Thank you all so much for stopping by and seeing whats been going on with my family this week.

Happy Sunday!!


Gemiel said…
Now AJ, You know you need a pair of shoes for every outfit. I need to take you all shopping LOL!! Great card!
Renee Collier said…
So favorite subject- SHOES! But one pair of shoes??? I would just die! LOL. But it definitely teaches the kids something doesn't it? The same thing that we learned as children: "money does not grow on trees!"

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