Looking Back On The Year! 2014

Hello Creative Friends & Happy 2015 To You All!!
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I thought I would jump on the band wagon lol and share some of my past creations seeing how I don't have anything to share at this moment. Due to my craft room being all over the place. =)
But before we do that I wanted to share my thoughts with you all....
I can't tell you how excited I am about the new year. My 2014 end with spending time my sister and brothers who I had not seen in three years due to us all living far apart and our busy life. And I finally got to be with my lovely husband who I had not seen since October. I finally made it home after five months of being at my parents.  Most of you know that my husband was in the Navy but got out last year. So me and our girls spent the last five months in Mississippi in between my hubby finding a job and finding our new in Virginia which is a huge blessing.  Now I'm get everything in order and I just received four big boxes of thing that were shipped because well they couldn't fit into our car. I'm also excited because my 6th grader will officially be in middle school. In Mississippi she was consider a elementary student because middle school didn't start till 7th grade. So ya I'm all teary eye over it even though she missed the begging of the school year. And youngest is in elementary. I will be take both my girls to get registered on Monday and I'm so excited to see what the rest of the year bring them both at the new school.
 I wanted to share some photos of my craft room before we look back at some of my most favorite creation of 2014.
 I was able to get my Ikea cart, shelves and desk all put together. But still messy.
Maybe if I turn the T.V. off I can get some work done. Oh do you see my fire place? well I'm going to need it during the winter months here because it get super cold. Lots to be no more talking. lol
I also want to do a grab bag giveaway. Because as I was going through all my things I found that I was bless so much last year that I want to be a blessing this year to one of my lovely craft friends.  Just leave me a comment and away to get in touch with you. This close on Jan. 8th  at 12AM
Also for those of you who have won a prize from last year around (DEC) which I have 2 on my list from Create Craft Share YouTube Hop and Coffee Lovers Hop.  I will be getting your prize out to you this weekend. I'm super duper sorry I didn't get them out to you sooner. Be on the look for a email from me. Thank you for your understanding.
2014 Looking Back
Links To Each Card starting with the center, then top right going down and across to the left.
Happy Crafting An'Jenic!!!


Beebeebabs said…
Happy New Year AJ
I hope you have a wonderful 2015! Thanks for sharing pics of your space and best wishes in your new home! Carri~Abusybee
nancy carroll said…
Wishing you all the best on your move and new start, wow, so happy you are getting settled, Happy New Year to you! No problem about the prize, you have been extremely busy, I'm just glad to know it wasn't taken from the mailbox when I was gone to Denver... think you have my email, but just in case it was nance459 at yahoo dot com.
Jerrie said…
I am so glad you got to be with your husband and 2015 you can get everything back in order. Thank your husband for his service to our country. What a nice review you have done. So many fantastic cards. It is fun to go back over the year and see your projects and you know you have favorite ones or some that have special meaning. I know you think your craft area may look messy but I would not straighten it up...I just did and I can not fine ANYTHING!! Jerriejabber@yahoo.com
Shanta said…
Happy New Year!! I am glad you guys are getting settled! I live in MS by the way! Such a small world! Your cards are awesome and I look forward to seeing what else you produce in 2015! Shanta slnewby at gmail dot com.
Iris said…
Sounds like 2015 will be a good year for you and your family.
Rubeena I. said…
happy new year - sounds like a lot of good news <3
Beth H. said…
2014 ended so nicely for you and there is so much hope for 2015! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
VanessaB said…
Happy New year. Nice new craft room. :) Love all you cards... Such a great variety and style.
Monika/Buzsy said…
Happy New Year! Wishing you and your sweet family lots of laughter and good health in 2015. Good luck with settling down and getting your craft room organized. :)
Melissa said…
You had some amazing creations, looking forward to seeing what you create 4 2015!!!
Lindsey said…
Have fun organizing your crafty space! Really like the cards you shared here -- the coffee shaker card is awesome!
dip said…
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