What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #154

Welcome to another WOYWW # 154
Today I wanted to show you all my scraps. When I first pulled out all of mys scraps they were mixed up. At one point they were all organized. Then they got out of hand. :-( So I know it was time to fix the problem if i'm going to every know whats in my scraps and use as much as I can. So the first picture is my scraps. I then wanted to show you my new clock the hubby got me for Mother's Day! Thanks My Honey Dip! Then you will see my new Spectrum Nori Marks I got in the mail on Saturday. I tell ya I'm enjoying them more and more. I'm not a Copic fan not because I don't like them but because they don't fit my budget. Well the Spectrum Noir do. I got them form Scrapbook Warehouse for $8.65 they are retail for $11.99 Well I hope that you WOYWW is a hit and see ya next week or a comment on your WOYWW post.

Update: Pros and Cons on the Spectrum Nori Markes

~It is a little hard to open some of the markers
~Sometime the whole top comes off and can splatter all over.

~They sale the refill in singles
~I love the end color results
~Great Price Range (Shop Around Like I did and found them at Scrapbook Warehouse for a great price) ~Love that they are flat so they don't roll around.
~Get the DVD if your like me and this is your first set of Alcohol Markers. :-) Ha Ha I have it on order I will do an update on the DVD if you would like more information before buying the DVD

Spectrum Noir You Tube Link

If you would like to join us for a What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! You can go to Mrs.Julia blog she is the own and she started WOYWW!. 

Julia Blog:

I have to say when I saw this clock I was not happy but it was the perfect gift I didn't have clock in my craft room and every crafter need one. But my clock tells all of the US time zone now that's a clock. Thanks You So Much Honey! 

Yes I got all the six pack colors but three. I plane to get them all.

Happy Crafting AJ~


Neesie said…
Don't you just hate it when things get out of hand...it's amazing how that can happen.
But you're all sorted now ;D
I've managed without a clock in my room so far because it gives me a good excuse that I have no idea what time it is...hence hours go by...

Thanks for popping over to my place. Have fun with WOYWW Neesie #59
Carolyn/MamaC said…
Wow, lots of scraps! Have fun with your new alcohol ink markers! Looking forward to seeing your creations! The only clock in my craftroom is the one of the cable tv box! That is enough! :0)
Unknown said…
It's aggravating when we have to stop and organize our messes isn't it? Enjoy your new markers! #100
...what a loVely welcome your papers are like a bright & cheery rainbow, & great price for your markers well done!...thanks for sharing today AJ...Mel :) #30
Holly Young said…
Hi AJ! When you left this comment on my blog
LOL Holly I was scrolling through your cards and happen to stop on this one and my 3 year old made the funny face. All she could say was eww mommy. Lol thanks for making me laugh to nite.

I just had to write and thank YOU for the laugh you gave me this morning!
Holly Young said…
Stopping back to tell you that you won some blog candy on Holley Barnhart's blog! http://holleybarnhartsblog.blogspot.com/2012/05/dark-angel.html
CraftygasheadZo said…
Glad you're enjoying your Spectrum Noir pens, I have the full set, ssshhh don't tell anyone! I find them easy to hold and the colours are yummy! Take care & enjoy WOYWW, working my way through the list as usual! Zo xx 66
Helen said…
I think I am very out of hand (see desk no 4!) but your scraps are much bigger than my scraps - perhaps I don't need to keep some of my teeny tiny scraps! Have a good day. helen, 4
Melissa said…
I am so glad you told us about scrapbook warehouse, I am gonna start purchasing the spectrum noir too! I also have a problem with scraps, I originally cut all my scraps down to 3 different mat sizes for A2 cards so that I could just thumb through and grab the colors I wanted. Well it works, but I think I have come to the conclusion that I just like to use new paper!!! Sad but true, seems like I don't have that much creativity using older papers! TFS
Astrid Maclean said…
Love how you have arranged your scraps by colour and the clock looks amazing too.

Happy WOYWW and have fun hopping!
Ali said…
Great idea to sort your scraps by colour. I did this too a while back and bagged them all by colour and it does make me use them much more as when I am e.g. making a card and need blue paper, I will look in the blue scrap bag first before cutting into a new sheet.

Thanks for sharing. Ali #77
Miriam said…
Fabulous organised scraps!
I like your clock. I have one in my office. I like the big numbers and having the date there. Having the temp is a plus too so I can tell if I'm just cold or if the office really has turned into a meat locker. How nice to have all your scraps sorted now. You'll find you use them more once they are organized. I hear lots of great things about the Spectrum Noir markers so you'll have fun with them.
May said…
Love how you have sorted your scrap by colours a fab idea... glad you are enjoying your pens... I use promarkers love them too. Hugs May x x x #26
Kim Dellow said…
Ooo, looks like fun :) Thanks for the share. Kim
Kate said…
Great tidying. Will be interesting to see how you get on with your markers.

** Kate **
Julia Dunnit said…
A time zone clock is a useful thing An'Jenic, could do with one for posting WOYWW! Love the organisation going into your scraps..I did it too, makes such a difference to their usefulness!
toni said…
Lots of colourful scraps there well done on the sorting, I'm not good at keeping things in order. I start off well and then.....well I'm not sure exactly what happens but chaos comes easier to me. Thank you for visiting me, I'll pop back again to see what happens with those scraps! Happy crafting toni 60 x
Nitasha said…
One of my BFFs just ordered some pro markers from them a few weeks ago. I should have gone in an ordered with her since neither of us have ever had any fancy markers! I have been debating for a while, but haven't committed! Well, I am happy to see that you got such an awesome deal and can't wait to see your projects!
Wow, I can not beleive it..I have been a follower on your blog for some time and just got to meet you in person about a month ago at the PNW scrappincats gathering!! It is so nice to have close blogging friends to craft with!!

ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com
Rexann ♥
(AKA theglittergirl) LOL
I forgot to do this on Wed!! Well it was a crazy week it's on my calendar for next week. Like your clock :)
Eliza said…
Nice clock, also great prices on the markers. I use Tria pens they are refilable too and have 3 nibs, they are awesome and I hate Copic and I have heaps of them that I never use. You have to keep to the shades in the family and can't get away with just 1 you need a min of 3, what a rip off. Promarkers are good too, they are part of the Tria group, Letraset in the UK. Your shop with the bargins doesn't ship to Australia what a bummer.

Thanks for sharing.
Eliza #19
I'm having fun surfing your blog today. :o) I like the way you have organized your markers!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

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