RECAP: Getting Away From It All!

   This is the begging of our Journey on "The Matterson Trail" in Hampton, Virginia. Look at the beautiful fall colors on the leaves. I love how the tree took on a different shape. The tree had begun to grow more branches from the stump that was broken off. How amazing is our God that even a dead limb can still take from. And the title "Getting Away From It All" wow some times in life we need to learn how to step back and get away from it all. And this was truly a blessing to enjoy with my family.

 Getting Away Form It All

 Call Of The Wild
2nd Page- How cute is the squirrel? I just love how he sits there looking at me. I don’t know if the little tree hole was his home but I thought what a nice touch to the layout out. And of course I had to add the acorn and leave. The title was a perfect match.

Happy Crafting!


Marlene said…
Oh, your layouts are so beautiful.

Thanks for popping by my blog. Glad I made you chuckle. ;)

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