The Crafty Moms 6/30/2013

Hello Everyone 

Wow where has this month gone. This is our last Sunday of the month. We are now moving onto July. Before you know it the kids will be rolling back into school. Then we will be wondering where did the time go again. So lets enjoy the summer as much as we can. Today is my day to share.

So lets jump right into my post. This week started out slow; but as the week went on I thought the day was Wednesday only to find out its Friday. So as you can see the week went by so fast I didn't  have time to blank my eyes lol.  My card creation for you all today is inspired by today's adventure. Yesterday we were to take the girls to the movies. Only we found our self at The Olympic Game Farm. The kids had such a blast and we didn't have time to get to the movies. So as an added surprise were going today.  As you can see this card is perfect for today. 

For my card today I did some fun embossing and for my stamping I used Mark's Finest Papers "Now Showing" stamp set. I stamped the cute film strip on the top and bottom. I cut the popcorn bucket and film roll and pop them up on pop dots to give them dimension. 

Well that's all I have for you all this week. 

Till next time,
The Crafting Mom AJ-


Mary Ann said…
Love it!Super Cute!!!
Unknown said…
I love this card...for some reason, I especially like popcorn and movie themed cards these days...I guess it's because I'm such a photo buff...or popcorn buff...or both!

Also enjoyed the bright colors..which actually remind me of the theater I went to when I was a kid!
NC Peach said…
I agree with Rebecca! This speaks movie theater!! Love the bright colors and the embossing! TFS
Hi Sister! What cute, cute cards! I think you may be crossing over. :o) Thank you for leaving me such sweet comments. I was thinking about you recently - so glad we are connecting again!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!
Very cute card!! Makes me want to have some popcorn :)

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