The Crafty Moms 8/25/13

Good Morning Everyone and a Happy Sunday to you all. 
It's An'Jneic here from AJ Scrapbooking & Cards.
Welcome back to another Crafty Moms!!

It's my day to post and I'm so excited to share this really clean and simple card with you all this week. See the kids here in Washington state has went back to school yet. The don't go back till September 4th. Where's in Mississippi where my mom works they have already back in school. They started this week. My mom works in the main office. So on Monday me and my oldest Terrion picked with my mom about having to go back to school early. So on Monday we were up bright and early to give her a first day of school call. And when she got off we even call then to ask how was her first day of school. So it was fun to see my mom go back to school. And it felt in way like we were sending her off like she did us. It was truly a blessing to have this moment in our life time with my mom. So when you get the chance to send your parents back to school enjoy it.

Now my card is inspired by this moment in time. So I created this BACK TO SCHOOL card for my mom and I will let the girls sign the inside of the card. For my card I used  Lesson Learned by Mark's Finest Papers. When I first stared this card my thought was to try the chalkboard technique. And I have to say I didn't do as good as I would have liked but I found a way to make it work for me. =)  I created this super cute 3x6 card. I really love the over all look of my card. 

Here's my card for this week

I hope you all have a great Sunday
Stop back by next week to see whats going on in Angel's life as a Crafty Mom. 


MariLynn said…
This is really cute.
Angi Barrs said…
Adorable & super fun for back to school!

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