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Hi everyone,
                I have a little story to tell you all. So about a week ago I was stamp and getting ready for a the new HIMCR Challenge 41. In between that my craft table which is made out of glass cracked.  It was so crazy. So much glass everywhere! Talk about the clean up.  But with all bad things good things are to come. So I begin the hunt for a new table. I’m not working right now and we are living off my one income. I’ve been thinking about getting a job; but I’ve also been a stay at home mom a year and half now. So wish me lucky.  Any way I wanted to show you what my entire craft room look like. I found a table you wouldn’t believe what I paid for this table. I stop by my local Goodwill and found my table for a whopping $3.99. LOL LOL that’s right 3.99! I had been looking online for some tables but because I’m on a crafting budget none of the tables I wanted would be in my budget and I’m not buy anything.
But I did do a little protesting and told the hubby all crafters have a crafting table and I didn’t want to go back using the dining room table. I wanted to stay in my craft room and not toot everything up and down the stairs. So image when I saw this awesome table for $3.99 and said I want it and we got it. Blessing for God! Thanks heavenly father.
Here is some picture of my craft room and the new table.
Boy was my craft room a mess. I’m so happy to have my new table so I can be more organized. Thanks so much for listing to all my gibberish.  Blessing See Ya Monday!

Its so funny beacues my little 3year old told me mommy you can use my table. So we did craft together and Ive used her table. My sweet pie. Thanks You Liana!

Here is my new table.  Look for the update later or Monday!

Happy Crafting!


Amy E said…
Oh YAY!! You found one!!! And it looks HUGE too! I can't believe you only paid $3.99 for that! It looks like a brand new table from the picture!!! Have fun! Let me know if you need some help breaking it in!! hahaha!
Holly Young said…
Looks like you got a real deal! I'm glad you found something at such a good price. That was so sweet she was sharing her table with you!
jessica said…
Nothing like a GREAT bargain! Awesome Steal!!
Wow! I cannot believe that you got that nice table for 3.99!!! That's awesome. Look at all that room! Can't wait to see your next projects! That was so sweet of your daughter to share her little table with you. Kids are the best.

Hugs, Tami
Lisa Lara said…
What an amazing deal! That is a blessing. God does watch out for us when we put him first. Love this story. Hang in there. So glad you joined our CDS blog hop!
Dainty Diva said…
Yes it is essential that crafters have their own table. What a sweetie pie to offer you to share their table. Looks like that worth more than $3.99. God is good all the time. Blessing to you.
Kathy D. said…
Wow that is an Awesome deal!
Not sure why you couldn't leave a comment on my blog. thanks for leaving me one on the thread as i got it.
Melissa said…
Oh wow, love that table, I love a good bargain!!! I think I paid only about 50.00 for all the storage in my craft room. I have say I wish I had a crafting table as big as yours and for what you paid, God is good!!!!!
WoW! What an awesome deal on such a great table!
Unknown said…
What a beautiful story, I'm so glad you got another table, It's true just when we think it's our darkest moment, the lord alway bring in the sun.!!! Have a great day and enjoy your new crafting table.A'nna

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